• 01

    When the customer needs the sample, please confirm the specifications, parameters, quantity and delivery date with our staff. Our company will arrange proofing as soon as possible according to custome

  • 02

    After arranging the samples according to the customer's requirements, within 30PCS, our company will provide samples free of charge, and will inform the customer of the express delivery number after s

  • 03

    After the customer confirms that the sample is OK, we will send an acknowledgement (with sample) to the client.

  • 04
    Formulation Process

    After acknowledging the signature and seal of your company, we will return a copy of our company and make an archive. We have ensured the consistency of our IQC inspection products when we hand over t

  • 05
    Order Contract

    After receiving a formal order from the customer. The order is strictly executed according to the contract, and the quality requirements, packaging requirements, and remarks, delivery date, and confir

  • 06
    Signing The Contract

    Copy 2 copies of the customer purchase contract and copy the original copy. The copies are transmitted to the head office or the financial controller.

  • 07
    Reflecting On Issues

    Timely reflect the problems of the factory in the production process, and communicate with the salesman to ensure the quality and delivery of the products. When the salesman and the product are finish

  • 08
    Shipping Contact

    Contact the freight forwarder when shipping. Make customs declaration documents. And send the delivery in advance. If there is a problem with the production, it will not be possible to notify the frei

  • 09
    Shipping Notice

    After receiving the goods, the customer retains the delivery slip (signature or stamp) of the customer's return, so that the reconciliation at the end of the month is more accurate, responsible and ef

  • 10
    Financial Handover

    Timely do the documents together with the documents sent by the freight forwarder, calculate the customer's advance payment time, accurately complete the statement, and seamlessly connect with the cus

  • 11

    After receiving the customer's water bill for the futures, the finance department will carry out the settlement of the documents, and the foreign customers will go through the formalities of writing o